Ancient herbal concoction may dramatically ease the effects of chemo

A study conducted at Yale University reports that an ancient Chinese herbal remedy for nausea, diarrhea and vomiting eases the side effects of chemotherapy in mice, and actually enhances the effectiveness of the chemo.

Yale Professor of Pharmacology Yung-Chi Cheng said that the mixture, called PHY906, “has multiple biologically active compounds which can act on sources of discomfort” in cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. PHY906 contains four different herbs and is based on an ancient recipe for Huang Qin Tang, which has been used to alleviate gastrointestinal issues for thousands of years. When administered in mice undergoing chemo treatment, PHY906 reduced the toxic effects of the chemo, reduced inflammation and even encouraged the production of new, healthy intestinal cells.

“The combination of chemotherapy and herbs represents a marriage of Western and Eastern approaches to the treatment of cancer,” said Cheng in the August 18th edition of Science Translational Medicine. Cheng is also the co-director of the Yale Cancer Center Developmental Therapeutics program and writes for the program’s newspaper.

Huang Qin Tang, also known as Scutellaria Decoction, includes baical skullcap root, scutellaria and scute Radix Scutellariae Baicalensis. This remedy regulates what is referred to as “Shao Yang,” or a “pivot” point within the body. Some say that this refers to the gallbladder, but ancient Chinese medicine says that a pivot point is a point that sort of “connects” the exterior of the body (like the nose) with the interior (like the intestines). If a Shao Yang is impaired by disease or cannot function properly due to the use of drug therapy – like chemo – then digestion in general is compromised.

In layman’s terms, Huang Qin Tang addresses toxicity issues within the body and helps to diminish the effects of chemotherapy, including the digestive problems often experienced by cancer patients.

The study at Yale, which was funded by the National Cancer Institute, is a step in the right direction for patients who suffer greatly during their chemo treatments.


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