Cancer survivor, Founder of Cures Rock! dedicated to supporting the search for cancer cures

One of our new favorite blogs here at DYKC is called Cures Rock! (Cancer does not.) – we just had to share the wit, wisdom and dedication of Julie Tyson Westcott, a survivor of AML Leukemia, full-time senior manager at a healthcare company, and “non-profit social media, cause-marketing and fundraising geek.”

We first heard about Cures Rock! after reading about marathon runner Mike Sheehy on page 22 of the July issue of Runner’s World. Mike, age 37, has been entered into the Guinness Book of World Records after completing a run from – get this – San Diego to Phoenix, Arizona. It took him 17 days, and when he was done….he ran a marathon in four hours, nine minutes. That’s not all, folks – Mike also raised $30,000 for cancer research along the way, and took the time to bring flowers to hospital patients. Mike’s pretty humble about the experience: “I had knee and ankle problems, but I couldn’t bellyache about that. The people battling cancer have a tougher fight than me,” he told Runner’s World.

Like Mike Sheehy, Cures Rock! founder Tyson Westcott is a marathon runner. In her latest blog post, she shares her secret to completing her fifth marathon last week: FINO, or Failure Is Not an Option. Last week’s race was Tyson Westcott’s 3rd marathon this year, and she says she wrote “FINO” on her arm to “draw on the strength of that statement in tough moments.”

You’ve got to check out the Cures Rock! blog, and if you’d like, you can connect with them on Facebook, too – search for Cures Rock!

For those who know cancer, like Julie Tyson Westcott, a survivor herself, or Mike Sheehy, who began running for cancer research because his running partner was diagnosed, “FINO” is a mantra worth repeating. Those who know cancer have to choose – do I give up, or do I fight this cancer, and beat it? For the individuals who choose not to give up, the battle can be long and difficult, but the payoff – survival – is worth it.

Do you know cancer? Did you believe in “FINO” while you were undergoing treatment? Share your “I know cancer” story with us by sending an email to, or send us a Tweet @doyouknowcancer.

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