Denver Nugget’s coach George Karl undergoing cancer treatment

Denver, CO – George Karl, coach of the NBA’s Denver Nuggets, is reportedly recovering from chemotherapy and radiation treatment for throat and neck cancer.

Karl’s partner, Kim Van Deraa, has been blogging about his battle with cancer. Today her blog post stated that while Karl is receiving the bulk of his nutrition from a feeding tube, he has started eating peaches. Karl has six weeks left of chemo and radiation, and has already been hospitalized on two occasions after blood clots formed in his legs and lungs. He is closely monitored by doctors, who administer frequent tests to ensure that his blood thinner medications are at the appropriate level (to prevent the formation of potentially fatal clots).

Karl was diagnosed in 2009, and shared his diagnosis with others after the NBA All-Star Game in February. He has not been able to coach since March when he began treatment, but he has visited Nugget headquarters in recent weeks.

Neck and throat cancer are caused by a number of factors, but long-term tobacco and alcohol consumption are the two leading causes. Symptoms include lumps or sores in the mouth that won’t heal, difficulty swallowing, and sore throat.

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