NY Times financial correspondent Floyd Norris undergoing cancer treatment

Popular chief financial correspondent for the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune Floyd Norris has revealed in a new blog post that he is currently undergoing radiation treatment for cancer. His June 2nd post, titled Cancer and Me, details Norris’ painful cancer treatment experience.

“I know that it is not news that radiation treatment can be miserable…I should have been better prepared,” Norris wrote. “The pain involved is more than I have ever experienced.”

Norris is receiving a drug called Erbitux and blogged about his rapid weight loss, lack of energy, and the pain he is feeling. His final treatment will be Wednesday, June 16th. His doctor is administering five days of radiation per week until that date, and Norris stated that the constant treatment schedule is making it difficult for him to find time to work.

“I am at work today, but do not know how often I will be able to do much of anything,” he blogged.

Of his cancer, Norris says “it is not fun,” but goes on to say that he actually feels inspired, and may be happier about his life than he can remember.

“Clint Eastwood once asked, ‘Do you feel happy?’ My answer is a shouted yes.”

Norris’ cancer was located in his face and neck, and surgery is believed to have removed all of the cancer. Norris was told that he will probably not face cancer again once he completes his treatment.

A recent highlight for Norris was watching his son graduate from high school last week. He blogged that his son will be attending an “excellent” college in the fall.

Comments on Norris’ blog post thanked him for sharing his cancer journey with his readers, and commended him for facing cancer “with such equanimity.” Other comments wished him the best as he finishes up his cancer treatment; some happened to have gone through radiation and other cancer treatments themselves and could relate to Norris’ struggles.

To read this and other blog posts by Floyd Norris, visit To learn more about the type of cancer that Floyd Norris is facing, check out the National Cancer Institute’s information page on Head and Neck Cancer. The NCI also has an excellent resource page for those who want to learn more about radiation as a cancer treatment method.

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