Cancer Resources

The Do You Know Cancer team is working on an always-expanding list of cancer resources for people who know cancer. If you have a suggestion, send us an email at

American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society website is a wealth of information for people who know cancer. The ACS website allows you to learn, donate, and connect with others who know cancer.

National Cancer Institute – Cancer Topics

The National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Topics webpage allows people to learn about all types of cancer. There are also answers to many of the questions faced by newly-diagnosed cancer patients, a section on screening and testing for various cancers, and content on complementary treatments.

Anticancer: A New Way of Life

Based on the bestselling book by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, this website is a one-stop shop for people who know cancer as well as for those who have not been diagnosed but want to learn more about adopting an anticancer lifestyle. Dr. Servan-Schreiber is a cancer survivor himself, and visitors can watch videos of the doctor himself sharing his “I know cancer” story.

American Society of Clinical Oncology

Also known as ASCO, the American Society of Clinical Oncology website has a section entitled ‘All About Cancer,’ where people who are newly-diagnosed or are just looking for more information can learn about various types of cancer, available treatments, clinical trials and managing the cost of cancer treatment.

CDC Cancer and the Flu

The Centers for Disease Control website has important information regarding the flu and how it can affect patients with cancer and cancer survivors. This is potentially life-saving information worth sharing with anyone who knows cancer.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

One of the most respected centers for cancer care, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has a comprehensive website with content related to finding an oncologist, getting a second opinion following diagnosis, preventing cancer and more. Their section on Cancer and the Family is an excellent resource for people who know cancer and want to learn more about how their diagnosis may affect their loved ones.

Cancer Financial Assistance Foundation

Also known as CFAC, this organization is dedicated to helping people who know cancer finance their treatment and manage all other financial responsibilities. People can search for financial resources by their type of cancer and learn about the assistance that may be available to them and their family.

Blog For A Cure

A community of people who know cancer – including survivors – who have bravely shared their “I know cancer” stories with the world, Blog For A Cure is a place for sharing, connecting, and inspiring.

Children’s Cancer Research Fund

A place for all things related to children’s cancer, including news, information about the latest research, and stories of hope. You can also donate to the CCRF on their website, set up your own page and begin collection donations, or browse worthy children’s cancer charities.

FDA Cancer Liaison Program

Supported by the Food and Drug Administration, the Cancer Liaison Program merges oncologists and patients who know cancer in an effort to promote the understanding of clinical trials and to bring patient advocacy to the forefront of the medical community. Cancer patients and their loved ones can call the program hotline to speak with staff and receive answers to questions about cancer drugs and other aspects of treatment. The hotline number is 1-301-796-8460.

The official website of the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s Clinical Trial database where patients can search for clinical trials related to their specific cancer diagnosis. The website currently features information about almost 92,000 different trials in over 170 countries.

Do you maintain a website that you’d like to see included on our list of cancer resources? Send us an email with more information!